A Step by Step Guide to Relocating to Wellington


Whenever you are relocating to a new place, there are several things which you need to consider before you move. You need to work with a plan and strategise on some of the cheapest ways to move. One of the things which should be at the top of your priority list is getting an affordable moving company in Wellington to help you move hassle-free. At Dia Transport, you can easily relocate to Wellington without undergoing the daunting process involved in such moves.

Dia Transport has been serving the Wellington area for a long time now. Not only do they know the locality like the back of their hands but they have also helped many homeowners and office owners to relocate in just a matter of time. Their household moves are scheduled with the client and they plan the whole move. All you have to do is relax and have the experts do their job.

The benefit of using the services of Dia Transport is that they take the utmost care when they move your valuables. For instance, they use packing materials that are of high quality. These include tough paper wraps, packing tape, bubble wraps, mattress protectors, boxes and shrink wrap. These ensure that all your belongings, whether fragile or not, are cared for and protected throughout the move.

At Dia Transport, you can take advantage of full packing services or the single packing one. They also do auction pick-ups and can move goods from one service depot to another at your request. The good news is that when you work with the professionals, you also enjoy their insurance cover. At Dia Transport, there are mainly two types of insurance that would cover your items: limited transit insurance and public liability insurance.

The other advantage of working with the furniture movers at Dia Transport is that they also offer cleaning services. Moving can leave a huge mess depending on the items being moved. If you need someone to clean up the mess before you relocate, the professionals will be more than glad to do it. They will leave the premises clean. When you move, they will help you pack your things properly and they can also help you unpack them when you get to your new place.

At Dia Transport, the professionals understand how stressful and inconveniencing moving can be for any homeowner. Whether you are moving just a few streets away or you are moving across the district, the professionals will ensure that your move is well planned and smooth. You can schedule your move by filling in the form on their website. The form contains information such as your current address and the one for delivery, your contact information and the preferred date of the move.

If you want someone who can help you move your valuables without any incident, choose the professionals at Dia Transport. Visit them at www.diatransport.co.nz and get a free quote today. You can then schedule the perfect date for your move and enjoy the affordable moving services offered by the company

Contact our friendly team at Dia Transport to make a booking!

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