Dia Transport – For All Your Wellington Transportation Needs


Moving can be an overwhelming task for anyone. At Dia Transport, we know that the process can be very stressful if you do it alone. This is why we offer a wide range of professional moving services to clients all over Wellington. Whether you are moving just across the street, or you want to relocate to another area altogether, our services will come in handy.

Moving Services

Our moving services are designed to cater to the needs of as many clients as we can possibly reach. Apart from assisting clients with their household moves, we also handle office relocations. Our household and office moves are carried out with maximum care. At affordable prices, we can help you relocate your items with ease.

Our moving services are not only limited to single items but also full loads. We use a wide range of vehicles to help on your furniture moving in Wellington. Our pick-ups and trucks are designed in such a way that your fragile items can be kept safe.

Quality Packing Materials

When we help our clients move, we utilise quality packing materials. Our packing materials include cartons which protect fragile and bulky items. For those clients who want to move bedding, we offer mattress cartons to keep the items clean and in good shape. We also use wardrobe cartons to transport clothes in such a way that they do not crease.

If you want to move fragile household or office items, our wooden china crates can come in handy. With specialised packing materials, we make sure that your items are kept in the same state they were in before the move.


Every good moving company in Wellington must have an insurance policy cover. At Dia Transport, we have two kinds of insurance policies, a limited transit insurance policy and public liability insurance. These insurance covers cover any loss or damage of the client’s items when we move them. In case any of the items get damaged or lost under our supervision, we will reimburse our client for the loss.

After-Cleaning Services

Moving is not only stressful but messy depending on the type of move. Our moving company not only helps you transport your items to your new home or office, but we also offer after-cleaning services. Our cleaning services ensure that you leave your old place clean. We also ensure that your items are arranged in order, if you need assistance unpacking your items.

Friendly Customer Service

Moving can be a daunting task, especially if it is your first time doing it. Our team of professionals ensure that the process is made easier and less stressful for you. If you have any questions or concerns about your big move, get in touch with our friendly customer care service providers. We also provide free quotes on all our moving services. Just visit the Dia Transport website, diatransport.co.nz, to book in your next move with us.

Contact our friendly team at Dia Transport to make a booking!

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