Your Essential Moving Day List


Are you wondering which items are essential during your first move? Are you struggling to determine what things you need to bring to your new home, and the ones you want to leave behind? We have got you covered. In this article, we have compiled a list of moving day essentials that you need for a successful stress-free move.


These should include academic certificates, employment documents, rent payment slips, bank statements, credit card information, medical documents, and many others. These are the most valuable things you should think of first. It would be best to put them all in one file or briefcase.

Packing supplies

Another set of essential items that you may want to move with during your first day includes bubble wrap, extra tapes, packing paper, boxes, bags and packing peanuts. Almost every person who is relocating tends to underestimate the quantity of these things. Use spare bags and boxes to pack them safely.


Medication should be on top of the list of essential items to bring to your new home. Consider what type of drugs you currently use and the one you may need during the moving day. Since some of your personal effects may contain dust, medications will help relieve allergic reactions if you are allergic to dust.


Moving can be a dirty work if it is not handled by a professional furniture movers. Always remember to bring soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, antiperspirant, toilet paper, wet wipes, moisturizing cream, deodorant, washcloths and towels for cleaning up. It would be a good idea to pack extra set clothes for each family member moving with you.

Enough utensils, food, and drinks

Remember to carry enough utensils, food and drinks for each person. Especially if you are moving out of state, it is certain that you will need to fill your stomach or refresh yourself with a drink. It would be a good idea to carry some snacks, sandwiches, water, and other drinks.

Items for children

Your kids will need their favorite items for playing such as toy cars, bath toys, outdoor playsets, children’s furniture and many others. You could consider taking a set of these items because they make moving stress-free for your kids.

A basic first-aid kit

If you are the one packing and unpacking, carrying heavy objects can result in a few knocks, scrapes, and nicks. Be ready to include basic first-aid kit in your essential moving day list. The kit should include first-aid items such as an Ace bandage, a thermometer, tweezers, some antiseptic wipes and a few ibuprofen.

Items for your pets

Pets do not enjoy change but moving with them is fun. You should, therefore, think about their needs as well. It would be better to carry water for them, bowls for food and other essential things that you may find necessary for your pet.

Planning to move?

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