Your Moving Day Check List


For your move to be comfortable, you need to prepare well. Start by preparing a checklist which you will use to confirm whether you have packed all your household items. Have a checklist which will allow you pack the items in an order which will not cause confusion or even waste space in the moving truck. You should as well choose your moving truck well so that you will be offered great services.

Moving day check list

Pack small items in moving boxes

Most moving companies will offer you packing boxes; give each of your family members a box where they will pack their personal items. Children will pack toys as you pack utensils and other small items in your home. This can be done several days before the actual moving day. If there are any items which you will not like to move to your new home, then you can give out to neighbors or plan a yard sale in your home.

Move everything out of your house

In order to ensure you are moving everything, which need to be moved. Just start by having all items out of your home. After removing everything from your old home, clean the home and leave it while it is clean. Take your family members into each room of your old home to ensure everything has been removed.

Load the items in the mover’s trucks

The movers will come to your home with an inventory where they will enter all items which you will load into their truck. Always ensure you load the items as you enter the record in your own inventory. This is necessary for you to easily identify an item which is missing.

Compare the movers’ inventory with yours

In order to ensure you have loaded all items which you will like to move, check on the mover’s inventory and confirm whether there is a rhyme. While packing the items, ensure you place small and delicate items in specific shelves where they will not be broken due to vibrations during your move.

Load items which you will use during your first day

You may arrive late, in order to avoid cases where you will be inconvenienced considering you have arrived late, just have some items such as utensils which have not been packed in the packing boxes. You can as well carry with you snacks which you will use during your first day in the new home. This is very necessary if you are moving long distances.

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